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 hi lj! i missed you! i've decided i'm gonna come back to you!!! yey!!!

soo, let's see, it's been a few months. summer came and went. it had it's ups.. and many many downs lol... drama drama drama. all of my relationships are soo messed up right now. i've screwed some things up pretty bad. the one person that i used to idolize soo much hates me.. i don't even know my best friends anymore... and the one person that i care about more than anything in this world sees right through me these days. and i feel like when he actually does see me, he's only disappointed. ughh.

i've also been really irresponsible lately and i haven't been treating my body all that well, and i keep passing out and stuff.. and i passed out like harddd core twice this weekend. not good ]: but i'm trying to get better and stuff. sara's phsycic was right.. at least i'm not shooting up heroin or anything like i thought i was gonna be doing, LOOOLLZZZ.

i'm really nervous.. like all the time. i always feel like my heart's in my throat, and my hands are always real cold and shakey. i don't know why i'm so nervous these days, but i hate it.

halloween in two days, something to look forward to? 
and get to see t3h b0yfr13nd this weekend, definitly something to look forward to [:

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